Episode 60: “Leap.Play.Love.” with Erin Keen

Looking to enrich your career as a pharmacist and preceptor? Check out MelisRxScripts episode 60 with Erin Keen, a clinical pharmacist focused on home-based primary care with the VA. As a preceptor and mentor, Erin fosters a supportive environment with active listening and engaging learning experiences.  She is dedicated to guiding future generations of pharmacists and committed to making a difference by serving Veterans enrolled in VA health care. Beyond her pharmacy career, Erin shares a deep love for dogs, cultivated through decades of involvement in dog showmanship and training. We did a deep dive on her furry friends, Indy, Shannon, Maggie, and Baron. Indy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, shares love as a therapy dog at airports. Instagram: @Indy_the_speedy_cavalier