Here’s what listeners have to say about MelisRxScripts Podcast! 

“Another home run with Kelli Jo! I am really enjoying your podcasts.  Your interviewing style is a pleasure to listen to and gleans a lot of wisdom from your guests.  Of course, I am a fan of each of these women.” -Connie C


“It was fantastic!” – Michael H



Congratulations on putting together a terrific addition to pharmacy’s presence in the social media universe. Oral histories such as these should become valuable resources for future historians.

You are to be commended for your innovative approach to building a record of our time. Best wishes for continued success in this arena.” -Clarke R


”I listened to the podcasts that you did with Lucinda and Sarah. You do a wonderful job with them!” -Renae C


“Just listened to Episode 4 with Kelli Jo. Great job! What a great, ambitious, young woman. She is so lucky to have you as a mentor and role model.” -Heather E


“Just listened to Kelli Jo’s interview. She sounds great. Fearlessly Authentic sounds like my daughter.” -Julie F


“It is easier today to be exposed to key thought leaders that can help us navigate our way to high level success. Melissa Murer Corrigan is empowering us with her podcast, MelisRxScripts, by interviewing empowering leaders in her exceptional network that are sharing critical pieces of advice we can use to reach higher levels of success.” -Mo F