Episode 9: “Stay Curious” with Brianne Bakken

In Episode 9, Melissa talks with Brianne Bakken, a member of the Midwest Pharmacy Workforce Research Consortium and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Science at the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy. They discuss how a series of connections impact your leadership journey, how to navigate these unprecedented times, and ways the 2019 National Pharmacist workforce study results provide actionable data.

2019 National Pharmacist Workforce report – https://www.aacp.org/article/2019-national-pharmacist-workforce-study

1 thought on “Episode 9: “Stay Curious” with Brianne Bakken

  1. Heather Dalton Reply

    Such an inspiring episode about curiosity, resiliency, and equity! The “stay in touch” comment definitely resonated with me as a graduating pharmacy student. Bri definitely gives back to young student pharmacists through mentorship and I am very appreciative of the mentorship she has provided me, and thankful that she showed me the Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium, that I was able to attend last year.

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